Aesthetic Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery for correction of recessions

Gingiva Recessions (Shrinking Gum) can be an aesthetic concern, especially on the front tooth area.
These can be corrected successfully with gingival surgery. The example on the photo shows a case treated by Dr Nelz using a connective tissue graft and the Tunnel Technique. 

The situation before right canine shows 4-5mm recession. Please note: the left canine had a similar recession and has already been treated successfully. 

 Situation after stage 1 surgery: improvement by 3mm. A second OP is necessary. 

Situation after stage 2 surgery: marked improvement 

Laser Gum Surgery for Gingival Hyperplasia

We are using a 12 VQuick-Lase soft tissue laser with great success for a variety of indications. In this case we have treated a patient with medication-induced gingival hyperplasia.

Before treatment: longstanding gingival hyperplasia. Despite optimal oral hygiene no improvement could be noted. 

3 Weeks after Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy and gingivectomy

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Gingival Surgery is a specialist treatment. Contact details:  HERE

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