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Fee: £150 (x-rays, treatment, medication)
Please note:  Root Canal Procedures on molars might incur additional fees (£100)

(Every treatment will be discussed in great detail with you and a written treatment plan/consent form is given to you.)

The treatment:

When you are suffering from severe toothache your world comes to a stop… you can’t sleep properly and chewing on the affected tooth is very painful. You have most likely developed a root infection which leads to the formation of an abscess.  Help is on hand!
We can assure you that we will endeavour to offer quick and effient painrelief.
We have a special technique to make local anaesthetics almost painless!  Patients are often surprised  if they dont feel the injection and wonder if it really works… . And yes, it does work. A local anaesthetic at the dentist does not to be painful to be effective.


Symptoms:  Toothache can be different and the symptoms you experience will provide the dentist with important clues about the possible causes of the pain.  Throbbing pain in the tooth or several teeth, sharp pain when biting on something hard, swelling in the affected area. Even headache and ear ache can be symptoms. 

In most cases toothache will require a visit to the dentist even when the toothache subsides. 

Root Canal under microscope

For example: you had severe toothache which kept you up for one or more nights and then subsided. You might think “Thank god – the problem has just disappeared”.  But the real problem has just started: the tooth (might) have become “devital” which is a medical (latin) term for a dead nerve in a tooth.  A simple filling will not solve the problem and could only cause further problems (i.e. abscess). That means this tooth will need a root canal treatment or (in very rare cases) an extraction. 

Root canal treatments can be carried out painlessly. In cases of severe pain, this would be done in 2 stages whereby the first stage would be rather quick and remove the cause of the pain by opening and cleaning the tooth (root canals). At Atlantic Dental we have developed a special technique of administering local anaesthesia with minimal discomfort.
In our practice root canal treatments have nearly 100% success rate. Failures, for example fractures, occur when a tooth should have been crowned after the root canal treatment but the patient forgot or delayed this.   

Access to Emergency Dentist Cornwall is easy and we try to see patients with severe pain on the same day.

Dental Abscesses: a collection of pus forming inside the tooth, the gum or in the bone at the end of the root.   The cause is a bacterial infection which takes place when a tooth becomes devital (see above).  What is the cause of a dental abscess: deep decay (caries) which leads to an infection and in the later stages to an abscess.  A Gum abscess  can be a manifestation of active (fast progressing) gum disease (Periodontitis).

Tooth decay and abscessAn abscess should be treated soon as it can cause serious problems which can spread into the jaw bone. At Atlantic Dental we can deliver prompt and efficient treatment to eleviate pain very quickly.

Cracked tooth: from just the feel of a missing part of a tooth to symptoms like “shooting pain” when biting  on something hard. Factures in teeth can be very small or in rare cases the whole tooth can be split. If its a smaller crack, a composite, resin bonded filling can be an effective way of repair and prevention of further damage.

TMJ (=Temporo Mandibular Joint)  dysfunction:  this can lead to symptoms which are commonly NOT associated with dental causes. Some of these symptoms are: earache, radiating pain over a number of teeth, headache and even migraine (especially in the morning).  Causes of TMJ dysfunction:  Bruxism a term for teeth grinding and teeth pressing is one of the main factors for TMJ problems. Clicking jaw joints, restricted opening and movement of the lower jaw and even a locked jaw are all signs of TMJ dysfunctions.

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