Teeth Whitening

We ONLY offer TRAY (take-home trays) teeth whitening.

Safe, effective and minimally invasive.

Take-home whitening trays.

We take a 3-D scan of your upper and lower jaw and print models on our digital printer. The models are designed in a way that perfect fitting whitening trays can be manufactured (in our lab).

You will receive detailed instructions and whitening gel (day OR night time whitening options). The trays are yours to keep  (for future top-up’s).

We believe that Tray whitening is the “GOLD-Standard” in teeth whitening. The fee for tray whitening is £450.  The trays are yours forever and if you lose them – we can make new ones within a few hours.  

Tooth Whitening is one of our most popular treatments at Atlantic Dental. We are using the latest, clinically proven technologies and the treatment is minimally invasive.  Patients will initially have a detailed oral examination to ensure they are dentally fit for teeth whitening. We will discuss the options and determine which option will be the best for the patient.  Most patients require a dental hygienist session beforehand to remove stain, tartar and eliminate any gum inflammation. This is essential to ensure the treatment is successful and no damage to gums or teeth are caused. 

Teeth Whitening can often rejuvenate your smile without the need for extensive work such as crowns or veneers. We often combine teeth whitening with Composite Bonding (cosmetic bonding)

Air Flow Clean

For patients with naturally white teeth but stain caused by coffee, tea, smoking etc. we offer an additional cleaning procedure “Air Flow” which consists of small particles (powder) applied in ” Jet washer” type device onto the surface of the teeth. This will painlessly remove these stains and rejuvenate your smile. 

Air Flow - Air Polish
Air Flow Treatment at Atlantic Dental
Teeth whitening
Air-flow treatment at Atlantic Dental

Home Whitening

We will assess your teeth, determine your current shade.  With preoperative shade taking including intra- and extraoral photos.  We will take impressions (moulds of your teeth) or digitally scan your teeth with our Trios 3 shape scanner. The whitening trays are produced (in-house) with our Pressure forming machine (Ministar S, Scheu-Dental, Germany). You’ll receive the trays, whitening gel (day or night) and detailed instructions. We also offer “Tooth Mousse” for patients with sensitive teeth or higher risk patients (high caries risk due to sugar intake. existing fillings).  

Teeth Whitening at Atlantic Dental
Teeth Whitening with Trays

 Tray Teeth Whitening is a proven and safe method to increase the shade of your teeth. It is gentle to the teeth and the trays can be used to maintain the shade. In cases of slight to moderate sensitive teeth, this is the recommended method of teeth whitening. 

Internal Bleaching

Individual teeth which are discoloured due to root canal treatment can also be whitened. This is called internal whitening. We, at Atlantic Dental, can offer treatment for such teeth. 

Internal Bleaching
Internal Teeth Whitening

Color Skin

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