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Dental Implants Cornwall.

Dental Implants: how to replace a missing back tooth (molar, premolar) for only £2250:

Dental Implants Cornwall: What about Dental Implants Cost? For some patients with good bone volume, we can offer dental implants fully completed from £2250. If Bone Augmentation is needed and the case is more complex the cost is ~ £2650. Dental Implants in the aesthetic zone are in general more expensive as the aesthetic requirements are often high, and a temporary crown, bridge, or denture is (often) required.

The restoration of a missing upper front tooth with a dental implant is more demanding than the replacement of a back tooth. The aesthetic appearance of the “gum line” is crucial and often missing bone has to be rebuilt.  If that is not done correctly the result can be compromised. Therefore the cost for an upper front implant is higher than for a back tooth implant!

The result of a successful front tooth replacement with a dental implant (Neoss) is shown in the right picture.  Note: the slightly blanched colour of the gum around the implant will change within hours after the placement of the crown. 

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Aesthetic Zone (= upper Front Teeth)

Implant before abutment and crown fit.

Crown fitted on the implant.

How can you offer Dental Implants for £2250?

Dental Implants Cornwall: no need to take on a second mortgage if you have treatment with us! An implant placed in good bone volume to replace a lower molar can be a relatively easy task if planned properly! Our lowest fee for an “ideal case” starts at £2250 which includes the abutment and a PFM crown. In our practice, we see several patients who fulfill these criteria and they benefit from our Dental Implant cost treatments. 

Implant in molar area

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