Composite Bonding Cornwall


Composite Bonding Cornwall

Minimally invasive with maximum results

An invisible tooth repair, a correction of a mishaped tooth or the closing of so called “black triangles”: Cosmetic Bonding or Composite Bonding is a fantastic treatment option. The use of the “Bioclear” matrix system makes composite bonding very successful.  


Cosmetic Composite Bonding to remove deep internal discolouration and close the gaps between the teeth (black triangles).  This technique can often be combined with fibre reinforced composite splinting (FRC technique). This a procedure which is very useful for treating patients with advanced gum disease as an alternative to dentures.


Composite Bonding is a minimally invasive treatment option which is not only longlasting but can be aesthetically superior to crowns or veneers. This treatment should be carried out under Rubber Dam (Dental Dam). This is used by Dr Nelz at Atlantic Dental routinely. 

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