Implant Treatment Failures and correction

Implant treatment to replace front teeth requires careful planning. Most Patients will not tolerate receding gum on an implant crown.
It is essential to place implants correctly and not to close together or too far forward. This example shows an aesthetic failure. The patient is unhappy with the result. And here is why:

Implants placed in the wrong location- result:

  1. Buccal bone loss = gum recession
  2. loss of interdental gum  (papilla)


An unorthodox approach to solving a problem …

Receding gum on implant crown after placement of two titanium implants.

implant failures
Aesthetic problems with 2 implants


The patient was unhappy but did not want to undergo another invasive surgery to remove the misplaced implant.

Smile before corrective treatment
Smile before treatment


The implant crown and abutment was removed but the impants was LEFT in the jaw …
The removal of the implants would have been very difficult and might have resulted in further bone loss.

Abutment removed
Implant Crown and Abutment removed


A simple (punch) gum graft was sutured with 6-0 sutures over the implant. At the same time, a temporary bridge was placed. Pressure by the temporary bridge on the gum will stimulate re-growth of gum.

Gum graft and temporary bridge

Temporary bridge and gum graft

Final Zirconia bridges and crown fitted.

Correction of implant failure
Final bridge


Mission accomplished…

Dental Implant Complications resolved
Finished Treatment



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