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Dental Implants

A completed dental implant (abutment and crown) from £1850 Free teeth whitening when more than two implants are placed (and suitable).

Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening, 6 months smile,  fixed ceramic or metal braces, clear aligners, Invisalign, fixed and removable retainers, digital smile design to simulate treatments

Painless fillings

We are going out of our way to make your treatment painless and even enjoyable. Our anesthetics are warmed up to reduce the discomfort.

Are you looking for a Dentist in Cornwall?

For our patients at Atlantic Dental: we have moved into bigger premises in St Columb Major!  New address:
Dental World, 53 Fore Street, St Columb Major, TR9 6RH

Digital Technology

Our practice is well equipped for the patient’s benefit but without the premium price tag. Amongst many other things, we have digital x-ray equipment, including CT-Scanner, intra-oral scanner and our laboratory has a digital printer. More importantly, we take customer service very seriously! When you visit us, you’ll agree.

As a “digital practice”, we have an intra-oral scanner, which means we can offer quicker treatments and avoid conventional impressions that can be uncomfortable. 

We also have digital X-rays, which significantly reduces the radiation you get when X-rays are taken!

And finally, we have a small dental laboratory on-site to offer same-day denture repairs and other services. 

Our principal dentist Dr Nelz has 28 years of experience in dentistry. Mostly complete oral rehabilitation (reconstruction of severely neglected mouths/teeth) often under General Anaesthesia has been the main field of his work. He placed his first dental implant in 1997!  

We use high-quality materials and instruments. General dentistry such as tooth-coloured fillings or inlays. Root canal treatments under Rubber-Dam and microscope. We can scan your whole mouth in 2 min with our intra-oral scanner. For implant planning, we use 3-D imaging (CBCT). Apart from conventional single-tooth implants, we also offer “Teeth-in-a-day” (All on four, All on six).

Crowded teeth, unhappy with your smile? We offer short-term aesthetic orthodontic treatments with fixed braces or clear aligners. Parallel to Implant Training, Dr Nelz underwent Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics) training using fixed and removable braces. Our aesthetic branch offers facial rejuvenation (Botox, Dermal Fillers).

We can offer treatments for nearly every budget and every case.

Affordable private Dentists in Cornwall: From fillings to full mouth implants to telescopic dentures. We can offer fiber-reinforced composite restorations in some cases with limited options (i.e. loose teeth due to Gum Disease).

Dr. Nelz has undergone training in orthodontic treatment starting in 1996. He has been utilizing fixed and removable appliances to treat children and adults. We are currently offering mainly short-term cosmetic teeth straightening treatment with clear aligners and fixed braces. If you are looking for general dentistry without the use of Amalgam due to its mercury content, we can offer composite (tooth-coloured) fillings. If the damage to a tooth is considerable, it might be appropriate to use ceramic restorations such as inlays or crowns.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

We offer Cosmetic Dentistry at a very high level, starting with digital smile design. We take photos and digital impressions to simulate the possible results of the treatment. The patient can then look at the pictures before committing to any treatment.

As an affordable private Dental Clinic, Dental Implant treatments are one of our main areas of work, and since opening the practice in 2007, Dr Nelz has treated hundreds of patients with dental implants. As an advanced Dental Practice in Newquay, we have a CT Scanner and can, therefore, assess the patient’s situation, such as the volume of bone and the state of the teeth and jaws, very thoroughly. Our practice has recently become ” digital”, which means we can scan a patient’s mouth/teeth and send the scan to our lab to print the patient’s teeth using a digital printer. We can make tailor-made surgical guides to place implants very accurately using this technology. Another application is the simulation of cosmetic improvements with veneers or crowns and the production of so-called “mock-ups”. These can show the patient the treatment result with a temporary material direct in the patient’s mouth. Photos will be taken and given to the patient. Afterward, the quick mock-up is removed. Dr. Nelz has undergone theoretical and practical Sedation training, but since 2007 only one patient needed treatment under sedation. With an exceptional approach to painless local anesthesia, even the most nervous patients become relaxed after their first treatment experience. Conclusion: if you are worried about dental treatment and looking for Pain-free dentistry or specifically for a Dentist in Cornwall, give us a call at 01637811011. 

Cost of treatments:

We offer a Dental Plan scheme where members receive 1-2 exams and 1-4 dental hygienist appointments as part of their contract. Plan members also receive a discount of 10% on dental treatments. For ‘pay as you go’ fees, click here.

Treatment cost: we are one of the most reasonable practices for dental implant treatments while also offering quality treatments (high value for money)! We have a dental laboratory and a digital scanner; we can fabricate surgical stents and temporary dentures in-house while sending digital impressions to dental laboratories.

All of this is very high-tech and does keep the cost down. Our average charge for dental implants from start to finish, with bone grafting and the final crown, is ~ £1800- £2800. Other practices charge up to £3500 for the same treatment. Our products and materials such as implants, bone graft materials, crowns, and bridges are high quality.  

Please rest assured that it’s not about selling expensive treatment options to the patient. What matters is the patient’s need and finding out the best solution for the patient, taking into account the medical situation, the time frame, and, of course, the budget. In the UK, very few patients have insurance coverage that pays for their treatment; hence, the patients expect high-value and lasting restorations for their money. Therefore we offer warranties for our work depending on the circumstances.

Recent treatments: 

Condition after some initial repair on front teeth.

This patient could not have dental implants due to health reasons. The broken roots had to be removed, and the patient had difficulties chewing, not to mention the aesthetic problem. 



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