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Straightening teeth with clear aligners

Invisalign was the original clear aligner system.

As a dental practice with cutting edge equipment, we can  produce clear aligners and retainers in-house

The process of how clear aligners work is similar in all of these systems.

Here a simplified explanation of the process: We take an impression or digital (3 D)  scan.  We will also take photos (intraoral and extraoral) and X-rays.  Our dentist will assess and diagnose your situation from all angles.  We will then meet and discuss the problem and deciding if this case can be treated with clear aligners and if the treatment with clear aligners fits into your lifestyle.  The next step is the virtual movement of the teeth. In Invisalign, this is known as “Clincheck”. The “designer” will move the teeth digitally.  Following this step is the fabrication of the aligners. Our technician will print the 3 d models of your teeth in every stage of the treatment.  We will use these models to produce the aligners. 

Atlantic Dental has developed its own Clear Aligner System “Atlantic Dental Aligners”. 

In combination with our Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner, we can scan your mouth and send the digital impression for designing.  Upon receiving the designed models we can start the fabrication of the aligner. The whole process can be as quick as 3 days from taking the impression until insertion of the first aligner!

3 Shape Trios at Atlantic Dental

Invisalign is the original founder of aligner treatments and a well known brand name. But nowadays there are dozens if not hundreds of different providers for clear aligners on the market. At Atlantic Dental we are able to produce clear Aligners in-house which means our prices are 30% lower than Invisalign or other providers. There is no difference in the quality of the treatment BUT we can deliver treatment much faster and at a lower price. 

Our aligners are made with “Zendura”, one of the best materials on the market today.


Zendura is a high-performance material designed and engineered just for dental appliances. That means we optimized its strength, ductility, crack-resistance, colour and clarity to work better than other materials for your dental care.

We even made sure it resists hazing from alcohol or staining from mustard so that foods you enjoy won’t damage your aligner or retainer. What’s more, Zendura material is completely BPA and phthalate free!

Cheaper alternatives?

Smileclub etc….

There are online aligner providers who offer treatment for a fraction of your fees.  

There are companies on the market which offer “smile direct” treatments. The concept of these companies mostly founded non-dental investors is to offer orthodontic treatment completely based on online assessments and impressions taken by the client/patient:  the patient has to take an impression her/himself and send it to the company who in turn fabricate the aligners. These are sent to the patient by post. Some companies even have 3 D scanning offices where the patient will be scanned.

Sounds good to me, where is the problem?

Unfortunately, there is a fundamental (and dangerous) flaw in the concept of these companies: the majority of patients who are seeking teeth straightening have a LACK of space in the arches. In order to align teeth correctly into the arch, a “slicing” or  “IPR” (interproximal reduction) is necessary. This has to be done by a dentist with great care.   Only then the teeth can be aligned properly.

If the alignment is achieved by expanding the arch (as this is the case with online providers) the teeth will be moved out of healthy bone. The results:
Gun recessions, unstable bite, relapse likely and, worst case scenario: root resorption (shortening of the roots) and loosening of teeth.
Ethically and legally such treatment is questionable and unlikely to be carried out by a registered dentist.    

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