Your Consultation

Thorough assessment of you general health and a detailed dental examination.

Firstly you will be asked by the receptionist to complete a medical history. Please make sure that you give us all the details about current and past medical conditions as well as your current medication. 

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You will be seen by a dentist and not by a treatment coordinator (usually a nurse). If you have any special requirements, please let the receptionist know at the time of the booking.  

Dental Examination:
Your Dentist will check your extra-oral tissues as well as the teeth thoroughly.  We will look out for signs of tooth wear as well as TMJ problems (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint).  A mouth cancer screening is part of every examination. Most of the time we’ll take X-rays and intra-oral photos. If you require complex treatment, study models might be required. 

Treatment Discussion:
If you require treatment, we will discuss this in great detail with you. In many cases, further discussion will take place to find the best possible treatment option for you. And, of course, we will provide a written treatment plan for your treatment.  Complex procedures require a longer planning process which includes impression taking for study models (or intra-oral scanning). Facebow registrations, centric and habitual bite registrations. 

These models will be placed in an “articulator” which simulated the way the teeth meet (often referred to as “bite” or “occlusion”).  

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Please note:

To book a New Patient Examination a £50 DEPOSIT or the full fee is required. The deposit secures your appointment slot and will be credited.  

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